Updating ports tree

01-Jan-2018 03:27

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Follow the instructions contained in ) before “deinstalling” the existing port, allowing those libraries to potentially be restored if there are any incompatibility issues between the new port and the installed libraries.Adding the -v option will direct portmaster to be a bit more forthcoming about what it’s doing.It sometimes causes a problem and you should be prepared to resolve any problems it may cause. First, if you have not installed portupgrade, you can install it from packages or ports.To install it from packages, use: Assuming you have portupgrade installed, you should first upgrade your ports collection. Once the ports tree is updated (it takes a while), you can check which ports/packages require upgrading with the following command: This will show you 1 line per package that needs upgrading.portmaster is nothing more than a shell script (albeit a quite elegant and powerful one), written in /bin/sh.It does not depend upon other ports, external databases or languages, rather it’s been written in such a way as to make use of the information about a port’s dependencies, dependents, file locations and other information contained in to determine which ports to update.The versions of software discussed in this post are as follows: Okay, let’s get started.

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It is best to do this often to avoid as many problems as possible.As I explained above, you may need to resolve some issues manually and this can be complex!Portsnap is a system for securely distributing the Free BSD ports tree.On the left, the installed package and version – and on the right the new version.

To upgrade all ports/packages (this takes time as it will download and compile everything), use the following command: Depending on your shell, you may or may not require the escape character ( \ ) before the *.Please rebuild all installed 3rd party software (e.g., programs installed from the ports tree) and then run "/usr/sbin/freebsd-update install" again to finish installing updates.

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