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Practically every hot women I have ever dated has problems with men who like them and won’t go away.Either that or they have had some problem in the past that they still don’t know how to resolve and have attention on. With thousands of sexual conquests under his belt, Mr. Realizing he wouldn’t want men using his daughters the way he has used thousands of women, Mr. The Secrets of a master player EXPOSED for the benefit of women exclusively on Dating To, Dating To, and Dating To Relating For His simple plan has been used to score thousands of sexual conquests for Mr. If you want to know how to compete for the kind of man you want then you are going to want to know what Mr. Rx (who turns down HUNDREDS of women a year for sex and relationships) is going to tell you. And if you order your copy HERE you will get a free copy of Dating To Relating – From A To Z (For Women) when it is released. Ayer upon becoming the proud father of two girls has had a change of heart. Ayer is now determined to educate women on how men like himself use, lie to, and cheat on women without ever getting caught. A must read for any woman who wants to know the game plan and approach of a master player. Beyond Playing – For those women who want to learn how to attract, meet, compete for and keep the kind of man you really want then you are going to want a copy of Dating To Relating – From A To Z (For Women) – now scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2010. Rx suggests you get a copy of Dating To Relating – From A To Z (A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women) NOW as a lot of the technology (especially the relationship technology) applies to both men and women. Learn 26 ways to tell if your man is cheating and get seven complete case studies of women who were played, with full IM transcripts. If you suspect your man is a liar and a cheater and/or is playing you, this is the book you need. Click here to see the table of contents for “BUSTED: How To Spot a Player and Cheater – The Secrets Of A Reformed Player (What Every Man Would Want His Daughter To Know)” Then in his next book, Mr. (Scheduled for release in Fall of 2009 – In the meantime, girls, get a copy of “How To Get Any Woman In Seven Days” – it will be an eye opener!Dating To Relating For Women Well you know that Dating To is primarily a website for men.

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There is a mix of good/ mature advice and bad/misleading advice in this book. hammers on about his philosophy with women and how it leads to healthier relationships and greater satisfaction for you.

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Let's face it, ladies: you're going to get hit on when you go out to the bar, and there's a good chance that a majority of the men coming on to you aren't welcomed to do so.… continue reading »

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Long distance relationships are part of online dating success, and this can happen.… continue reading »

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