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03-Sep-2017 07:24

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On the main two channels last night, the soaps dominated with East Enders the most watched show of the night with 5.6 million viewers compared to Emmerdale's 5.4 million and 5.2 million for its two Thursday episodes.

On BBC One, Masterchef's penultimate showing had 49 million viewers while doc The Truth About Sleep matched the News At Ten, both with 4 million viewers.

As well as being down on Tuesday, the number who watched yesterday evening is also down almost half on last year's show, which had 630,000 viewers.

The Eurovision 2017 Song Contest will air at 8PM on Saturday night on BBC One.

They are a replacement for the old boring white cottons.DORSET residents could end up paying £800,000 for two elections within two years.