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On the last day of the party he called for Queen Vashti to wear her crown and walk around for everyone to see how beautiful she was.As Christians, we are to believe that God inspired every word of the Bible, not for the sake of vanity, but to teach us something that we can use today.When I was moving through the maze of adolescence, a different question brought this whole issue into focus for me: how far will I want the woman I spend the rest of my life with to have gone with the person she dated right before meeting me? It may have been difficult for me to determine how far I should go, but I knew exactly how far the person I would one day marry should go – not very far. When my sons got to the magic age when traditional fathers have the traditional talk, I informed them we were going to handle the situation a bit differently. Well, most boys are introduced to the topic of sex before they are actually interested in sex. I think you will find the answer is the same for you Q: How do you respond to teens who claim sexting is “OK” since it’s just digital?Q: What do you wish you had known while parenting your own teens through the dating years? Instead of an awkward 15-minute talk, we were going to begin an awkward 15-year conversation. By the time they’re actually interested in sex, they’ve forgotten all those fascinating insights their fathers shared. Q: In your opinion, what is the biblical answer to the age-old question “how far is too far? Every time you entertain yourself with nude and erotic images you are at school.On the day she was crowned, I imagine there was a huge celebration with lots of music and wine— similar to modern weddings but with one difference: Esther went through a lengthy process of learning to be a queen before she was worthy to wear the crown.For 12 months she purified herself, applied beauty treatments, and learned how to impress the king.

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Reviewed by Cheri Stevenson, student pastor, Central Assembly of God, Springfield, Missouri.

Join former television broadcast journalist, Ali Smith Kennedy on her fascinating journey of faith in her new book Entrusting the Key: From Serial Dating to Joyful Waiting.

Ali takes her readers through the ups and downs of her journey as she explores how to approach love and marriage as a woman of faith in a modern world.

She says, “I just like talking about sex — the good stuff, the way it is supposed to happen — in marriage.” Lindsey reminds her readers that even in their twenties, thirties, or later in life, waiting for the right relationship is still important.

She shares candidly through her own experiences about the importance of not giving in to your desires, but continuing to keep your standards high. She covers topics from being single, to navigating the ins-and-outs of a relationship, to preparing for your wedding day, and future marriage.

Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries, is perhaps most well known for carrying on his father’s legacy as a prolific preacher and author.

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