Cme phone time not updating Nasty date chat numbers

04-Sep-2017 22:17

These resources are part of a series ACCME is publishing to support implementation of the Menu of Criteria for Accreditation with Commendation, our mechanism for recognizing and celebrating organizations that excel as CME providers.There are 16 new commendation criteria, divided into 5 categories.

The background image choices that are displayed on a Cisco IP Phone come from the file that is copied from the TFTP server used by the IP Phone.

It is necessary to either have access to a SFTP server, or install one for this step.

You will be transferring files from the TFTP server directory running on the CUCM to the SFTP server.

Credit is a gift to recognize them for their participation in education that we know works.” Stop Focusing on Knowledge Transfers These days, all a physician needs to know is likely just a cellphone away.

“They can look up guidelines faster than you can whisper in their ears,” said Mc Mahon.

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