Dating nigerian singles urhobo seeking marriage

14-Dec-2017 17:37

However, for a long time such “cross-cultural” marriages were not widely spread.

For instance, many Igbo men do not wish to marry Yoruba women.

Even though Nigeria is one nation, it consists of many tribes.

Each tribe has its own culture and ladies get different type of upbringing in the families.

There are more than twenty different Nigerian tribes that make up the total number of girls in Lagos.

We have the Yoruba making up about 45 percent of the girls in Lagos while the Igbo comes second with something around 35%, Edo girls takes the third place and several other girls which includes girls from Calabar, Hausa, fulani and of course very few immigrant.

The amazing thing about all these babes is that they are all single, a fact that is an added advantage to their career because in Kannywood, actresses are either single or divorced, to be in the industry, due largely to cultural and religious issues in this part of the country.

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Whats ur view on this,cos it seems i might be going 4 igbo girls too. Many a time feelings are not limited to the persons, who come from your own tribe.While much is known of the poetic forms of African majority ethnic groups such as Akan dirges, Yoruba oriki and ijala, and Zulu izibongo, little is known of poetic creations of minority groups such as Urhobo udje dance songs, undoubtedly one of the most poetic of Africa's indigenous poetic forms.