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The voice-over states euphemistically that “Your next ‘kiss’ may be closer than you think.” It goes on to explain the purpose of the product, to clean your teeth without water. Perhaps she used it to clean the foul smelling seat of the taxi.

Brett enters the car, joining Tiffany in the back seat.

Grieving isn’t an easy or a pleasant process but it does help – it will help you to heal, to move forward and to find hope once again.

Their first video collaboration entitled "Kilian Martin: Freestyle Skateboarding"[1], filmed in November 2009 in Los Angeles, California, prominently featured Martin's freestyle roots as a skateboarder and was met with moderate online success.

In the ad, Tiffany gets in the back seat of a taxi.

At first she practices making suggestive facial expressions and then she takes a Colgate Wisp out of her purse and practices holding it suggestively.

The image on the right came with some controversy as it was supposedly banned at first from being displayed in L. It’s quite a gusher, but the fact that it is Brett should erase any notion of the scene being anything more than Brett opening a bottle for a stranger and his being surprised by the excessive effervescence. Brett Novek, the epitome of tightened and toned, appeared in the infomercial for Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer.

And as with any significant loss, it is important to give yourself the time and space to grieve for what has gone.

" and are too lazy to use Google, Stephanie is Spencer (yes, Spencer from The Hills)'s sister and Brett was the fourth runner up on VH1's America's Most Smartest Model - which, by the way, I sorely miss.