Exchange recipient policy not updating

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) Chapter 15 (Insurance Business) Chapter 16 (Private Remittances) Chapter 17 (Travel) Chapter 18 (Import & Export of Currency Notes & Coin …) Chapter 19 (Loans, Overdrafts & Guarantees) ACU Arrangement Authorized Dealers Powers-Withdrawal & Restoration Borrowings by Individual Foreign Nationals Borrowings in FCY by ADs (Top) Borrowing in FCY by MFBs Foreign Controlled Companies Foreign Currency Loans Foreign Private Loans-Forward Cover Facility Foreign Private Loans-Pre-Payment Investment Policy 1997 Local Borrowing by Foreign Investment Banks Authorized Dealers Powers-Withdrawal & Restoration CDS (Central Depository System) Foreign Banks Investment in Securities Foreign Sponsors Investment Abroad by Residents of Pakistan Investment Policy 1997 Mutual Funds (MFs) Investment Abroad NR Investment Forward Cover Special Convertible Rupee Account Three Years Foreign Currency Bearer Certificates Transfer of Securities in Favour of NRs Under-writing of Shares by Foreign Banks WAPDA Bonds (Top)Afghanistan Export Reporting Airlines’ Monthly Statement Call Centre Activities Code List No.3 (Country/Organization) Code Numbers’ Revision Earthquake Victims FCA Rate of Profit Statement Discontinued FCA-Reporting New FCAs (FE-25) FCAs/COIs-Monthly Statement FE-25 & FE-31 Deposits’ Utilization Reporting Home Remittances’ Reporting (Top) Monthly Foreign Exchange Returns-Inclusion of NTN National Savings Scheme(s) Reporting Outward Remittances’ Monthly Reporting Reporting Form R & J/O-3 Revised Shipping Cos Monthly Statement Special Convertible Rupee Accounts Reporting Transactions US$ One Million & Above (Top) Treasury Department & Dealing Room WAPDA Bonds Chapter 19 in the SBP’s Foreign Exchange Manual (FEM) 2016, contains 30 Paragraphs (18 pages including 2 pages of contents).So I set up a user by their active directory user then I add an address by role i.e [email protected] check this address to be the reply address. Now I am setting up some more users and their email is now being rejected with the error #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER. Recip Not Found; not found ## One user was a bit hit and miss then seemed to work fine and just a few minutes ago I sent test emails and all failed. STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN (SBP) FOREIGN EXCHANGE MANUAL 2016 Exchange Companies TOP Help Desk FOREIGN EXCHANGE MANUAL 2016 (Updated till ) Chapter 1 (Introductory) Chapter 2 (Authorized Dealers) Chapter 3 (Authorized Rates of Foreign Exchange) Chapter 4 (Forward Exchange Facilities) Chapter 5 (FCAs of Authorized Dealers …) Chapter 6 (Private Foreign Currency Accounts) Chapter 7 (NR Rupee Accounts of Foreign Bank Branches …) Chapter 8 (Private Non-Resident Rupee Accounts) Chapter 9 (Blocked Accounts) Chapter 10 (Inward & Outward Remittances) Chapter 11 (Dealings in Foreign Currency Notes & Coins etc.) Chapter 12 (Exports) (Top) Chapter 13 (Imports) Chapter 14 (Commercial Remittances…Private Sector entrepreneurs have been given general permission to obtain FCY loans from banks/financial institutions and Suppliers Credits including credits under PAYE Scheme, not involving Government guarantee, for financing FCY cost of industrial projects covered by the Government’s Industrial Policy and the instructions issued by SBP from time to time lay down the necessary procedural details for contracting and repayment of such loans/credits vide FE Circular No. The matter has been examined and it has been decided to permit local borrowings by the foreign controlled investment banks subject to certain conditions vide Chapter 20 in the SBP’s Foreign Exchange Manual (FEM) 2016, contains 16 Paragraphs (14 pages including 1 page of contents).

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The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) was signed on September 26, 2006.To configure a distribution group to accept messages from all senders, you must modify the message delivery restriction settings for that distribution group.This example creates a distribution group with an alias itadmin and the name IT Administrators.Use the Exchange Administration Center (EAC) or Exchange Management Shell to create a new distribution group in your Exchange organization or to mail-enable an existing group in Active Directory.

There are two types of groups that can be used to distribute messages: It's important to note the terminology differences between Active Directory and Exchange.I have been struggling with this exchange setup for a while now. I have a few users setup and seem to work just fine.

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