Mental abuse while dating

26-Dec-2017 14:18

To try to understand this phenomenon, I interviewed Lauren, her ex, and several of their friends, and I reviewed extensive transcripts of Google chats between Lauren and her friends at the time she and her ex were dating.

Lauren hopes her story can help others avoid similar pain. At first, he made Lauren laugh and impressed her friends.

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He haunted her in nightmares even after she moved away and changed her name. "He hadn’t realized, for all these years, everything he’d done to me.

For privacy, she asked not to use her full name, and her ex asked not to be named at all.* * *They met when Lauren, her middle name, was in her mid-20s and her ex was nearly 30. They had run in the same circles for years, but when he moved to New York for work, they reconnected. With degrees from prestigious universities, he looked great on paper. He even planned a romantic weekend at the beach and took Lauren to Costa Rica.